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Cloud Services

Matching the application to the hosting strategy is at the core of hybrid computing.

Many of your applications function best in a traditional IT environment, such as colocation within a DataBridge Sites data center. But for other applications, particularly customer-facing apps with difficult-to-forecast or burstable usage patterns, a cloud solution may be best.

DataBridge Sites cloud services enhance flexibility, scalability, and performance.

Our cloud services enable your applications built for the cloud to thrive in the cloud, allowing you to flex and scale, which is particularly crucial for applications that have difficult to forecast usage patterns.

Managed Cloud

Our Managed Cloud offering is built on industry-standard hardware using the highly regarded VMWare vSphere cloud platform. With Managed Cloud, we provide virtual cloud servers built to your specifications with your choice of Windows or Linux operating systems.

Our technical staff is available 24/7 to manage the underlying virtualization hardware, leaving your IT staff free to concentrate on the software and services that define your business.

Managed Cloud includes the following:

  • Highly-available, SLA-backed virtual servers hosted in a dedicated data center
  • Integration with our SolarWinds monitoring platform for rapid status notifications
  • Expandable redundant storage, with standard and performance-tier speeds available
  • Isolated, secure virtual networks with firewall and available VPN connectivity
  • Access to our backup and DR offerings
  • Access to our range of network connectivity offerings
  • Dedicated, on-site NOC available 24/7

Managed Private Cloud

For situations in which standard cloud providers don’t meet your specific or unusual IT needs, but your business would still benefit from infrastructure as a service, our Managed Private Cloud solution is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

In a Managed Private Cloud, we provide and manage our same vSphere-based platform described above, but on hardware dedicated to and customized for your business computing needs. Our engineering team will work with you to design and implement a customized hardware platform dedicated to your business, with the same ease-of-use and reliability as our standard Managed Cloud offering.  

This solution is ideal for a supporting variety of special-purpose computing needs, including:

  • Virtual desktop and app platforms, including Citrix, VMWare Horizon, or Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • High-performance or accelerated computing for research or engineering simulation
  • Applications with high RAM density requirements such as ERP systems and in-memory databases
  • Special-purpose storage needs

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

If your business has specific hardware requirements that can’t be met in cloud for some operations, but you would still like the benefits of cloud for the rest of your IT operations, Hybrid Cloud Hosting solutions are a great way to leverage both.  

In a Hybrid Cloud Hosting solution, we support your hardware infrastructure in our co-location service and connect it with a dedicated high-speed network interconnected to your Managed Cloud or Managed Private Cloud, giving you the best of both worlds.

Compliant Cloud

Hardware and network management are only part of the costs associated with IT infrastructure. For many applications, regulatory compliance is a major part of the time and expense of IT.

With our compliant cloud hosting service, we provide managed compliance for the infrastructure and network levels of your business, freeing you to concentrate your efforts on your applications and services.

Cloud Services Locations

Silver Spring, MD

  • Managed Cloud
  • Managed Compliant Cloud
  • Managed Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Aurora, IL

  • Managed Cloud
  • Managed Compliant Cloud
  • Managed Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting

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