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Protect your infrastructure in data centers with an uptime record that’s the envy of the technology world.

Leave all the work to us via our managed colocation service.

Staffing and managing in-house server rooms, worrying about utility feeds, and making capital investments for generators and other equipment become a thing of the past, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Colocation Requirements

Data Centers

Colocation Requirements

Redundancy & Reliability

DataBridge Sites data centers have 100% uptime records that are truly the envy of other data center operators. They are equipped with full Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) backup systems and fully redundant generators that let you achieve the highest attainable uptime in your quest for 100% availability.

Security 24/7/365

DataBridge Sites data centers employ 24/7/365 on-site security to ensure the best protection of your mission-critical technology. Our physical and access controls have been third-party audited and validated, allowing you to meet and exceed the most challenging compliance requirements and certifications.

Power Density

DataBridge Sites have an established history of supporting power densities to meet any customer’s needs as they grow and scale. With floor loads capable of supporting super computing environments, and power distribution at the 120/208 and 277/480 levels, we can provide a solution to meet the most exacting density demands.

Compliant Colocation

American-owned DataBridge Sites data centers meet exacting standards, providing you with environments that maintain a wide array of certifications. SOC 2, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001 are some of the standards we retain. Additionally, we are aligned with GAMP5 for GxP systems, HIPAA-HITECH, FDA, PCI, and FISMA. And we provide the infrastructure and operations backbone, enabling our customers to earn many more.

Interconnection & Hybrid Solutions

DataBridge Sites interconnection provides direct access to multiple network carriers to seamlessly connect your environments. Direct connections with major carrier hotels in Ashburn, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, along with cloud providers, gives you nearly limitless connectivity options. Leveraging our proprietary managed cloud and/or managed data center services enables further options for true hybrid solutions.


Mission critical apps and data require maximum uptime and performance, and nobody has a better uptime record than DataBridge Sites. You benefit from industry-leading uptime guarantees and SLAs.

Managed Colocation Services

Intensive Support

Our professional team will monitor, manage, install, and update everything for you, while adding redundancy and resiliency to keep your technology safe, secure, and always on. Your success is our total focus.


When server maintenance, security, and uptime are entrusted to our experts, your IT staff can focus their talents on other aspects of your business.

Space & Security

Your equipment is housed safely and securely within DataBridge Sites compliant data centers, returning valuable space back to your business and freeing you from unnecessary real estate management issues.

Cost Savings

Colocation offers savings for many businesses and can additionally turn a capital expense into an operating expense, helping meet a financial goal of many organizations.

Infrastructure Experts Delivering Peace of Mind

You’ll have reliable power and low latency interconnection without having to worry about building and managing your own infrastructure.

Visiblity, Choice & Control

You can have access control, along with the choice of network and partial, half, or full cabinet colocation.

Data Center Locations

Silver Spring/Washington, D.C.

Located at 12401 Prosperity Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland 20904.

Renowned in the data center industry for its unsurpassed uptime record and highly secure environment, DataBridge Sites secure, 11-acre Silver Spring campus provides the best-in-class data center that’s perfect for the needs of organizations in Maryland and beyond. At 214,000 ft² (with 90,000 ft² raised floor space), this facility is the largest multi-tenant, ultra-secure, efficient data center available in the Philadelphia to Washington D.C. corridor. Convenient to federal, state, and Maryland enterprise users, it is purpose-built as a high-density enterprise storage vault. This enterprise class data center in Silver Spring, Maryland, is also ready to be conditioned as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).

Our facility was specifically designed for “financial grade” use. It provides the flexibility, agility, and resilience to support a variety of data center solutions, including production, cloud computing, data storage, and business continuity/disaster recovery. A highly experienced, expert data center operations staff has been key to the outstanding uptime record enjoyed by this facility.

This highly-compliant data center campus meets Tier 4 requirements for concurrent maintainability and fault tolerance. It is positioned to support N+2 or N+1 configurations capable of power densities exceeding 150 watts per ft². It offers diverse fiber data connectivity from multiple network providers via four different paths.


Located at 4267 Meridian Parkway, Aurora, Illinois 60504.

Located 30 miles west of downtown Chicago on a five-acre secure campus in Chicago’s booming western suburbs, DataBridge Sites Aurora/Chicago data center was designed to meet the security and high-availability needs of a major, publicly-traded financial institution. Built and commissioned in 2007, this 70,000 ft², multi-tenant compliant data center facility (with 34,000 ft² raised floor space) offers the redundancy, resiliency, and multi-factor security protocols required for regulatory compliance with PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and other industry-specific standards. This compliant data center provides convenient access to both O’Hare and Midway international airports.

The DataBridge Sites’ Aurora/Chicago data center offers a flexible leasing model to help companies achieve a lower total cost of occupancy (TCO). Customers can lease one or more dedicated environments. If requirements change, additional space and power are available so companies can easily scale up. Ample technical office space is also available.

The Aurora/Chicago data center is a Tier 3 compliant data center facility with redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths serving all equipment. It has state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical systems to provide concurrently maintainable environments that support mission-critical, enterprise-scale data center requirements. It also benefits from a fiber-rich environment that enhances DataBridge Sites vendor-neutral connectivity options.

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