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Maryland's Largest and Most Secure Data Center

Premier Data Center and Cloud Services

Maryland's Largest and Most Secure Data Center

Premier Data Center and Cloud Services

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Protect your infrastructure in data centers with an uptime record that’s the envy of the technology world

Cloud Services

Matching the application to the hosting strategy is at the core of hybrid computing

Disaster Recovery Services

Risk reduction is an overlooked decision point in an IT infrastructure strategy

Network Services

In the era of hybrid computing, network services have taken on a more critical role in the IT infrastructure stack


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What People Are Saying

DataBridge Sites is the best data center in the country as far as I am concerned. All you have to do is take the tour and you’ll be sold. We’ve been using them for our colocation for years and we’ve never had any issues with downtime or anything. If you’re looking for a highly secure, highly reliable data center, look no further.

Jonathan L.

DataBridge Sites in Silver Spring, Maryland is the most secure, well powered and best connected facility in the state of Maryland!

Corey B.

We are in this facility, and actually moved two more of our POPs here because subpar power deliveries in northern VA data centers. I think anyone who comes and tours this facility is wow’ed, and many don’t know there is an option of this capacity in MD (and not in NOVA). Saves us windsheild time on 495, and lets us sleep soundly at night knowing we’re solid.

John V.

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